This Bundle contains our fan favorites all bundled up together to bring you relief and savings. 

*600mg Water Soluble CBD Drops 30ml size

**1000mg Topical Cream 4oz size

**450mg Topical Serum 15ml size

***CBD Lotion 2oz size

***CBD Lip Balm


*600mg Water Soluble please indicate your preferred flavor when ordering and follow directions on label for suggested use. We like to prime our receptors with a full dropper in 8oz of water, this helps subsequent dosing to be more fully received some research says. 

**Topical Serum and Topical Cream...when used together is how we like to use these to products. First apply the serum to the area of skin that is painful like knees, shoulders, hands, feet, backs and joints..then add some topical cream on top to area you are wanting to achieve a desired effect. Absorbs within 15 min, don't let it touch your clothes to avoid possible stains. Keep out of eyes and away from children.

***Lip and Lotion are handy to have around when dealing with dry skin, sunburns, psoriasis and more. 

Pain Bundle

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